• June 2, 2017
woodstock tribute band

woodstock tribute band

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  • Diane (Dee) Sammarco says:
    August 19, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    Last night, Aug 18 th, eight of us went to see your show in Deland Florida. It waa awesome !!! Everyone of the performers were so good, y’all had us up and dancing at our seats. ! It was almost over, y’all were ready to do the finale I’m sure ,and the fire alarm went off. We ere so disappointed cause we were rushed out. We wanted it to end on your terms, Lol !! Didn’t get to give you guys the standing ovations you deserved. But thank goodness there was no fire that we are aware of. So just so you know, if we could have seen the ending of that performance we would have been standing for you at the end…We had a great time , thank you so much for a great night . Thanks again….Diane


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