peace of woodstock a woodstock tribute band

Live shot at Union County Performing Arts Center Rahway, NJ

As of May 1 2021 Peace of Woodstock has performed 165 shows!

From: Sharon Skeele-Hogan
Sent: Wednesday, May 06
High Quality Musicianship
I felt this was far more than a tribute
… it was performed as an homage to the music of Woodstock,
crafted and performed with the love and joy of that era.
On a side note: The lead singer completely channeled Janis Joplin. guys ROCK!!!!!  Thank you so much.

Douglas W. Anderson, CCM/CAM   General Manager/Chief Operating Officer Turtle Creek Club You guys were outstanding!

Thank you for a great show! Carrollwood Cultural Center

Oh..god…it was so cool..Yes it was extremely special. Because I was there in 1969…… Kerry Mitchell

George Watt says:

May 28, 2021 at 12:00 am
 Best Woodstock tribute band I’ve ever seen and heard.Class act.

Jen also does Gracie Slick impressions that will raise goosebumps!!

Had a blast at your Rhythm on the River Show. Unlike many tribute bands that present a mediocre performance with the knowledge that people who loved a particular band will be content just to hear some facsimile of their old favorites, Peace of Woodstock does a multitude of artists VERY WELL!

Mike Veeman
saw these guys in Port Charlotte last night….Was a great show they all perform well…..Brought back some cool memories

I went to your concert. I was also at the original Woodstock. Your performance brought it all back. Your efforts, commitment and your talent is so appreciated.  If you weren’t there, you are there…. every time you perform. It was what you would of imagined.

peace of woodstock a woodstock tribute band

2 sisters who were at Woodstock with original tickets

Woodstock was so amazing all consuming and could never be duplicated.  It was such a special time in my life. I couldn’t make it backup to Bethel New York for this weekend, I’m glad and grateful that I spent a small part of it with you.

When I heard you perform., you gave me so much joy and I thank you for it.
Kerry Mitchell

What a success it was. The membership had a ball, thanks to the energy of your band.

Saw them last night at Pinellas Park, Florida Performing Arts Center, great show, full house!! Jen Torres does the best Janis Joplin cover I’ve ever seen, bar none, AMAZING! Janis would love her impression!! Would have been worth twice the price just to see that!!

From Jane Morse

Hey Peace of Woodstock, We love you guys! I will see you in Jacksonville!

We heard such wonderful feedback. We love you guys and hope to have you here again next year!!! Kings Gate Port Charlotte

Saw the tribute show last night and it was great! The band works so hard to re-create the crazy days and music of Woodstock. Thanks for your hard work and effort. WOW!!! Tom Marengo

We saw your show at Carrollwood Cultural Center Thursday. This was our second year in a row attending the CCC show and I think this year was even better than last year, and you blew out socks off last year, so that’s saying something! You are fantastic! God bless!

A Peace of Woodstock comes to the Athens Aug. 21

Saw you guys in Seminole City Park, you were awesome…the guitarist incredible…memories of Hendrix…such great music…keep on rockin” Leslie A Scott

I had the opportunity to enjoy them in early 2019 in Sebring. This is a show not to miss. The consumate professionals. Brad, Bill . Jen Alvaro and my drummer pal Brent.

Rock on gang
All the best in Canada

Nothing Short of Fantastic

I was fortunate to have gone to the original Woodstock concert while in my 2nd year of college. I was 1 of 2 people in the audience tonight that had gone.
I started crying when I heard the songs being sung. I could close my eyes and imagine I was there again; after all these years!
The original Woodstock changed my life! Listening tonight was a special time. I definitely recommend this very talented band as they bring to life the historical one- of-a- kind event.

My wife and I saw your show at Reunion Resort, Kissimee,Fl. Great show. We were Not at the original Woodstock as we had a baby one month prior which made 2 kids. This show was as we had been told and what we read. Loved it. Thank You to all the band and their support members.

This band of professionals were spot on in both music and performance. True pros and it showed. From the first song set, to the final encore, it was true pleasure, awesome may be a better adjective. Every member not only made crucial plusses to the overall performance, but individually were top of the line musicians. Can’t wait to see them again. You can’t help but get taken in to the performance and back 50 years ago! Bob Chapman

We were at  your concert on Saturday at Citrus Springs.  My wife and I want you all to know how much we enjoyed it.     Bob Gonciarz

I almost don’t like to post anything because my cell phone doesn’t begin to show the talent in this band. To call them a cover band doesn’t begin to do them justice. I kept thinking, “Who are these people and how is it that I am able to go to their concert?!” Each and every member of the group is a major talent. Thank you Brad Trumbull for letting me know about this. You are the real deal.

Blew us away at Wynmoor ! Guitarist shredded Carlos Santana !!! Eyes closed could not tell the difference. Awesome tributes and especially love my girl Janice Joplin. GREAT Band !!!
from Kathy


This is Gary with Hidden Treasure.  I wanted to thank you guys for such a great show at our flagler beach location during bike week.  I heard nothing but great things.  I was wondering if you had April 27th, 2019 available for 6-10 show.  We would love to  book a few shows with you guys.

From: Scott <scottn@webs410.com>

Love the band Peace of Woodstock. Seen you play at Skipper’s, etc. Appreciate the time you’ve put into putting on a show.

Peace of Woodstock – 2 Thumbs Up!

Talk about a time trip! Excellent show! Richard Dabinett

The Woodstock buzz is amazing and I’m pretty sure it will be for a time to come. On behalf of Lamplighter Village, thank you for making our event a huge success!
Sue, Great show at the Cascades in Estero, Fl! My kind of music!!!!!!!
 This band is incredible! So much talent. Every member is fantastic. Thanks Brad Trumbull. I’m so glad we were able to see the show!
Peace Of Woodstock, even better than I expected and I expected greatness.
Wow! It’s always neat to hear folks in the audience say, “wow they are great! Well “Peace ✌🏼of Woodstock you did it again! You always give 150%!
Sandra Steele KublerOh, it was amazing. I couldn’t even sleep after that show!

Denice Cummings to Peace of Woodstock

WOW! That’s all we can say! Thanks for rocking the house down tonight!
Peace, Love, and Rock & Roll Concert

Benefiting The Florida Holocaust Museum

June 29 at 7:00 p.m.

at The Florida Holocaust Museum

Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution will close on June 30th. Join us in celebrating the life of this legendary promoter and Holocaust refugee with one last special event! A live concert by Peace of Woodstock, who will perform their 90-minute Woodstock Tribute Show.

In August rockatnight.com did an interview with peace of woodstock before the Hard Rock Cafe gig

Bill Adam
February 9 at 12:19 pm
You guys were simply fantastic and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.

February 8 at 6:15 pm
Saw your act last year at the Largo Cultural Center
From the Lions Club: Peace of Woodstock performed 2 shows February 8th to nearly sold out crowds. The audience cheered and loved the songs from woodstock! Thank you guys we will want you back

February 11 at 11:13 pm
I saw the Largo afternoon show. I felt like I was home……… I was very impressed and “Took that Journey” way back. You guys sounded great!!!
Peace, Love and the Spirit of Giving

Carrollwood Cultural Center:

Thanks You,Thank you, Peace of Woodstock performed a musical tribute to Woodstock to a full house.

This event was definitely special.

Something very beautiful about the “Woodstock Generation”!


Me and my wife caught Peace of Woodstock at the Carrollwood Cultural Center.. Fantastic, the show, the costumes, Jen was great. Thanks you thank you thank you!!!!!!

From Carrollwood Cultural Center
“To our friends with Peace of Woodstock:
Thank YOU for a great show! ”

Horst Geyer,
WHAT A SHOW All your musician buddies were just liking their chops Brad It was so good! The lead guitar did a great Hendrix star spangled Can he go it LEFT HANDED!!! Just kidding I’m glad I experienced Peace of Woodstock!
Julie Berry at Skipper’s Smokehouse,
Peace of Woodstock! Awesome talent on a gorgeous night!

Submitted on 2016/04/15 at 3:01 am
Hey we just saw your show at Caliente tonight and it was absolutely the best I’ve experienced in a long time!. I would love to LIKE your page and get updates on your shows! We definitely want to see you again! Thank you for being so awesome!!! I wouldn’t change a single thing, it was perfect!!!

Michael Szklarz
Submitted on 05/15 at 5:50 pm
You folks did a phenomenal job last evening
You are an inspiration to the memory of Woodstock. It was a time when music was music.
Diane O’Brien
Submitted on 2016/05/15 at 12:31 pm
Thank you for an outstanding performance last night. Prayers for all of you. God Bless.

Submitted on 05/15 at 2:40 am
We were at the show tonight at top of the world.  You all were great!!!!!!!

Joy R White
Thank you for a wonderful concert.

Submitted on05/16 at 5:35 pm
Saturday night was the second time my wife and I have seen you in Ocala. You all were extremely professional  Rock On!

We truly enjoyed your show, thank you for a wonderful time. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!
Dennis Hall- Very talented group of musicians ..CSN was my favorite with JJ…
Love note for note bands.. Nailed it!

Patsy Kennington Craven Great night!!! Fantastic musicians!!!

Diana Snedeker soooooooooooo much fun!!!!! Great music by very talented musicians.

Frankie Cross- An amazing night! Extremely talented people.
Robin Rothwell- Great show!!! I was staggered!!! Great guitar playin’ Billy!!!!
Darcy Geders
June 20 at 10:02am
We were WOWED last night at this performance and so happy we came! They got me so enthused and pumped up, I couldn’t sleep when I got home! A great group of mega talented musicians who have worked hard for this result. I loved it and can’t wait to see them again!!! Oh, and Jen absolutely nailed Janis… I about fell out.
The show was exceptional and everyone can not stop raving about it! Hope you and the rest enjoy the remainder of the summer!      Patrick Starega  General Manager  U.C.P.A. C.

Aaron Ellison- AMAZING

james c
Saw these guys & gal last night at Cypress Cove. I was having flashbacks even though I never got closer than 50 miles away from Bethel that weekend, & totally by accident.

I saw your performance at the Palm Pavilion on Friday July 15th, along with my brother that was here from Kentucky, we absolutely loved it. I didn’t sit down one time and danced the night away. Looking forward to catching another performance.

We saw your concert at the Port Charlotte Convention Center, all I can say is AWESOME!!!! What a great time we had listening to this group.

Hi Brad and Scott,
Hope all is well! I just wanted to reach out and tell you all once again how great you were at the Marion County Go Red For Women event on March 10. Our guests had such a great time and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for being so flexible with everything and putting your thought into making it a meaningful time. Scott, thank you also for taking the time to share your inspirational story. I know it touched a lot of people there and put a face to the work the American Heart Association does

Diane (Dee) Sammarco
Last night, Aug 18 th, eight of us went to see your show in Deland Florida. It was awesome !!! Everyone of the performers were so good, y’all had us up and dancing at our seats!!! We had a great time , thank you so much for a great night . Thanks again….Diane

At the Athens show in Deland, FL the venue asked to rate the show from 1-5

The show was wonderful! A 5 for excellence. Not a 5 a 10!!!! But a 5 if that’s your top number! it was AMAZING!!!

Hi, the vocals were just great!! When I closed my eyes I thought I was listening to the actual musicians….especially Janice Joplin. All of them harmonized so well together. And the lead guitarist….fabulous! It was a wonderful walk down memory lane!!! Thank you!!

We enjoyed the Peace of Woodstock show. I give it 5 High energy, fun, they did work very hard.

A 5 all the way, a most excellent show would go again tonight if they were performing again. You know I watched there short videos online before I went and I didn’t think to much of them, man was I wrong don’t let that fool you these guys and girls rock!

Hello everyone! What a great Geckofest, in spite of the short rainout! There has been SO MUCH positive feedback about the entertainment. Everyone is saying that this was the best Geckofest ever, and that’s because of all of you.So, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope that we will have an opportunity to book you again along the way somewhere. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Susan Blankenship SIK Promotions, Inc.  Custom Festival Management

Theresa Moulder
Saw your performance at Top of The World Cultural Center on 9/16/17. We really enjoyed the show and the fantastic group of performers, as well as the fantastic show. Peace.

What a great show last Friday evening at the winery in Ft Pierce! Your group is terrific!

John Chianis

I was at the Peace of Woodstock Show at Trilogy Orlando on March 24th, the band was unbelievable. I especially liked the acoustic portion where you sang Darling Be Home Soon by John Sebastian. Also like the Big Brother and Holding Company (with Janis Joplin) tribute. Do not see Piece of My Heart played that much but your lead singer was unbelievable. Thanks for a great show.
David Shumway